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Refund Policy

We value every one of our customers and your business is very much appreciated.  However, these are especially challenging times for the restaurant industry.  Refunds we be handled on a case by case basis. No refunds will be issued for beverage and ice cream purchases.  No refunds will be issued after orders have been picked up and left our premises.  No refunds will be issued for items which have been over 50% consumed.  If you check your order before you leave our premises, and you find that an item or items were not prepared according to the order you placed, we may, at our discretion, issue a refund.  We would prefer to correct the order, if possible, without having to waste any product.  For example, if we failed to add cheese to your breakfast sandwich, we would prefer to add cheese to the existing sandwich, instead of being wasteful by throwing the sandwich away and making a new one from scratch. We hope you understand that this policy is meant to both ensure your satisfaction as well as our survival as a business.  Although our prices have increased significantly over the past two years, we are still not passing our cost increases entirely to you. 

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