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Cool Mint Cookie
Our mint ice cream with chocolate covered mint cookie balls, Andes mints, and a chocolate cookie fudge swirl – NICRA “Best New Flavor of the Year”—Honorable Mention 2010

Nana's Banana Puddin'
Banana pudding ice cream swirled with marshmallow creme and vanilla cookies – NICRA “Best New Fruit Flavor” 2000

Cow Tippin'
Fields of caramel-filled chocolate cups in sweet, vanilla ice cream, near a river of caramel

Florescent lemon yellow, strawberry red and bubble gum blue ice cream. Definitely, the number one selling kids ice cream!

Winston Pot Hole
Thick, black-tar fudge in chocolate ice cream with chunks of chocolate asphalt

Cookie Dough
Chocolate chip cookie dough flavored ice cream, homestyle cookie dough and chocolate chip morsels

Praline N' Pecan
Vanilla ice cream swirled with a rich caramel fudge and loaded with candied pecans.

Carolina Peach
Bushels of sweet peach chunks dropped into creamy peach ice cream. 





Scoops                                          One                         Two                         Three

Have your ice cream in a cup, cake cone, or sugar cone.

Murphy's Milk Shake

Sm (160z)       $4.95          Lg (20oz) $6.00

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